St. Cecilia Re-Visions II

Prints on PhotoTex and Durational Performance Installation for Adell McMillan Gallery






Installation in the LaVerne Krause Gallery, 2019.




St. Cecilia Re-Visions I

Gelatin Silver, Inkjet, and Instax prints



This portfolio is a photographic and performative exploration of the long history of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music. The work began at her titular basilica in Trastevere, Rome, and has continued in my studio portraits as the early Roman Catholic virgin martyr. The work, primarily, deals with the series of disappearances and fragmentations the body/image of the saint (supposedly in the crypt of the church) has undergone in Cecilia’s posthumous life since antiquity. These fragmentations typically do not affect the faithful’s experience of her as whole: these paradoxes form the backbone of my continued interest in the series of representational problems associated with this.